I channel my creative energy into all of my professional work, from video production and editing to web design and social media marketing. When I'm not behind a camera or a computer, I can usually be found cooking, drawing, and hanging out with my family.
Drone and Timelapse Video for Grand Exteriors

Grand Exteriors

We created several video products for Grand Exteriors, a luxury roofing and siding company in Minnesota. These products included promotional videos, drone videos, timelapse videos, interviews, and social media ads. We filmed roofing crews in progress while respecting the safety of their work environment. We also filmed before and after footage at several project locations.…

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Nikollette's Macarons Videos

Nikkolette’s Macarons

We created a series of promotional videos for Nikkolette’s Macarons, an amazing macaron baker in Plymouth, Minnesota. The videos ranged from standard length videos, like this wedding-focused promo video, to short 15 second clips for stories. We filmed interviews at a separate location from her kitchen, in order to provide a range of settings. The…

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