Our Social Media Philosophy

  • We believe that businesses and organizations should use social media to provide value for their customers – this is how you build brand recognition in a digital world
  • Each major social media platform has its own nuances and best practices, and we tailor our content to each specific platform
  • We use a common sense approach to social media marketing – instead of annoying pop-up ads and pushy sales videos, we help our clients build audiences through genuine interactions and inspiring content.

When it comes to social media content, we are idea generating machines! We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and help brainstorm creative ideas for your social media pages. 

Moving Tree Media Social Media Approach
Social Media Management by Moving Tree Media

Our approach to each major platform:

  • Facebook: Organic reach is very low on Facebook these days – businesses need to be running ads and boosting posts in order to reach new customers. We help them create thumb-stopping content and create custom audiences for each post.
  • Instagram: We help businesses succeed on Instagram through audience building, content creation, and Instagram Stories. The strategy is very different from Facebook, but the opportunities for branding are much greater. 
  • Linkedin: Currently Linkedin is showing individual user content to their entire network for free in order to grow the platform. For our business clients we create content for both their business page and their individual pages, and we help them build up their own networks in order to increase their reach. 
  • YouTube: The three main ingredients to building a successful YouTube channel are video thumbnail design, video title, and follower engagement. We help our clients achieve success on YouTube by optimizing those key items, and then analyzing the results and making changes as needed.

You will notice we didn’t list Twitter – that’s because it is rapidly losing market share, and only performs well with certain industries. It also requires a larger time commitment from our clients, and we don’t believe it is worth that investment for the results we have seen.

Moving Tree Media 2023 Social Media Results

Reflecting on an incredible 2023, we are excited to share the combined results achieved for our social media marketing clients:

  • Over 2 million views across all platforms

  • 25,000+ likes, shares, and comments

  • 50,000+ visits to profile pages and websites

The secret? Crafting content that resonates. Ditching generic corporate content and sales pitches, we focus on building genuine connections through inspiring content.

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