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Luke Porter, Owner of Moving Tree Media

We are a forward-thinking media agency that specializes in digital marketing

We are a full service marketing firm in Minnesota with 20 years of experience working with Minnesota local businesses and agencies. We have the flexibility and versatility to help our clients with one piece of their marketing needs, or a fully integrated campaign. Our core specialties are social media marketing, website design, and video production.

We are creative, cost effective, and easy to work with

Our Marketing Philosophy

Provide Value

We encourage all of our clients to give more then they ask for. We believe in building brand loyalty through providing value to your customers. This means providing free advice and education online. This approach not only sets you up as the expert in your field – it keeps you top-of-mind when your customers need your services.

Respect the Platform

Facebook. Instagram. Linkedin. Twitter. YouTube. All of these platforms have different rules, best practices, and trends. We make sure our clients are producing the right creative content with the right copy that maximizes their audience reach on each specific platform.

Engage with your Audience

This goes far beyond responding to all of your comments. Our approach to Instagram account growth is to seek out your potential customers and interact with their content in an authentic and natural manner. This is how we build genuine audiences for our Instagram clients.
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