How we begin your video project:

  • Our top consideration is how the video will fit into your overall marketing campaign or brand story. We want to make sure you meet or exceed your goals.
  • Next, early planning is important for identifying shooting needs and developing a vision for the video.
  • Finally, our pre-production work includes scripting, story boarding, and equipment testing to ensure your project goes smoothly.

We are also problem solvers by nature, which has allowed us to guide many video shoots through the various hurdles and obstacles that can occur during filming.

Moving Tree Media Filming

How we film your video:

  • Our video work is practical – we shoot beautiful footage, but we don’t get caught up in our own artistry. Our video advice is pragmatic and sensible without being arrogant or egotistical about our work.
  • Our video production team has shot hundreds of hours of footage for our video projects. All of our staff members are fully trained on our high definition cameras and drone, as well as our audio and lighting equipment.
  • We know how to set up a scene that is professionally lit, framed, and filmed. We will deliver a video that you are proud to have representing your brand.

Our staff members have produced compelling videos for Minnesota businesses and organizations for over 14 years.

How we deliver an amazing product:

  • We are also master editors – on our video projects we can weave together camera footage, drone footage, animation, voice narration, and background music to create a modern, high quality video experience.
  • We pay special attention to the tone, style, and pace of the video, to ensure that it lines up with your brand and video goals.
  • We deliver the final videos in high definition formats that are suitable for YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and other platforms.

Modern internet users are becoming more difficult to advertise to, as they ignore traditional advertising. We use proven strategies that work in today’s market, such as videos that are authentic, story-driven, and inspirational.

We created this intro video for the Park Construction YouTube Channel. This also ran as a Linkedin and Facebook ad to grow their audiences on those platforms. This video is a montage of footage we have filmed for them over the past 2 years.

Value added video services:

  • We are licensed and certified drone operators – including shooting beautiful indoor drone footage.
  • We have numerous accessories to make the filming process easier for our clients, such as teleprompters and wireless lapel microphones.
  • We can provide audio descriptions and video transcription files for closed captioning that follow W3C accessibility standards.

Our staff members have worked on video projects with:

Channel 5 Eyewitness News
Minnesota Dept of Agriculture
Cub Foods
University of St Thomas Minnesota
Lunds & Byerly's

Recent Video Projects

SOTA Metal Fabrication Shop Walkthrough Video

SOTA Metal Fabrication Shop

We recently had the pleasure of filming at the SOTA Metal Fabrication shop in Burnsville. We documented their process for making custom metal chimney caps, including footage of their plasma cutting machine. We’re looking forward to working with them on other videos in the near future.

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Park Construction YouTube Channel Intro

Park Construction YouTube Channel Intro

We created this intro video for the Park Construction YouTube Channel. This also ran as a Linkedin and Facebook ad to grow their audiences on those platforms. This video is a montage of footage we have filmed for them over the past 2 years. It was one of their top performing ads last year.

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Cyrus Artisan Rugs Ad Spot

Cyrus Artisan Rugs Ad Spot

We worked with the commercial team at Channel 5 Eyewitness News on this ad spot for Cyrus Artisan Rugs in Bloomington. We shot all inside and outside drone clips. The indoor drone footage was a fun challenge, as this location had a lot of hanging lights and alcoves to navigate around!

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Old Town Minneapolis Promo Video

Old Town Minneapolis Promo Video

We created this promo video for Old Town Minneapolis, one of the best neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. This project was a lot of fun to work on, and we got to meet some amazing local business owners. We performed interviews, shot b-roll footage, and flew our drone around the area. If you haven’t visited…

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Video Production for Directions 2023 Conference

Directions 2023 Conference Video

We created a video for Suite Engine, an eCommerce software developer, to play on the massive screens at the Directions 2023 Conference in Orlando. The stock footage used was carefully selected from thousands of clips in order to best represent their brand and products. Then we created a 2nd version for their YouTube channel (shown…

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Cosmic Crisp 2022 Holiday Event in Saint Paul

Cosmic Crisp Apples Special Event

In December 2022 we created this video for the Cosmic Crisp® Apple Holiday Event at the Lunds & Bylerlys in St. Paul. This store takeover event included sampling in numerous departments and a live vintage 3 man medicine band. Our challenge as a video production company was capturing great footage without disturbing customers or interfering…

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United Family Medicine Video St. Paul Minnesota

United Family Medicine

We teamed up with our friend William Schultz of Vivid Concepts Media for a series of videos for United Family Medicine in St Paul, Minnesota. Most of the videos were formatted in a square 1:1 ratio for social media usage, but this particular video was formatted widescreen and used for Facebook advertising. We have visited…

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Drone Videos for Signature Homes

Signature Homes Drone Videos

We have been creating a series of videos for Signature Homes spotlighting their recent roofing and siding projects. Our services include drone videography, timelapse footage, and video editing. On many of the sites we visited before, during, and after construction, such as in the video below.

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Park Construction Drone Videos

Construction Drone Videos

One of our long time clients is Park Construction in Minneapolis. We have been capturing drone footage of their construction crews at multiple projects around the Twin Cities metro area. Some of these drone shoots even required special airport clearance. We are editing shorter videos such as this one for their social media pages, as…

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