Suite Engine Product Showcase

Earlier this year we had the chance to create this product showcase video for Suite Engine, an enterprise software developer, for them to play at a trade show presentation in Atlanta. The stock footage used in this video was carefully selected from thousands of possible clips in order to best represent their brand and products.

Cooking Bomb

We have had the pleasure of working with Masterchef contestant Vivian Aronson (also known as CookingBomb on social media) on a series of cooking videos to promote her amazing cookbook. She requested that we match her filming and editing style, which is fast and fun just like her. The resulting videos blended in seamlessly with…

Paralysis to Prosperity

I have the honor of working with Drew Carpenter on a documentary called Paralysis to Prosperity about his recovery from Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS). It is a progressive peripheral nerve disorder that causes total body paralysis. Here is a sneak preview, with the full documentary coming later this year.