Liquid-Only Roadway Treatments

We recently managed a public awareness project regarding the use of liquid salt brine as a winter maintenance tool for preventing snow and ice from bonding to the roadway surface. In the early phases of this project we performed research, reporting, digital surveys, and telephone interviews. By completing these tasks, we gained an understanding of the current state of the industry regarding salt brine and other liquid anti-icing tools. This knowledge base provided us with guidance on creating a 20 minute long video on liquid-only roadway treatments. This video covers the benefits of these types of treatments, the science behind it, common myths, equipment recommendations, and usage parameters. Our staff interviewed experts in Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Utah, and Wisconsin. We also filmed footage of numerous types of liquid-only equipment in action. This video has been distributed to hundreds of agencies across the country to assist them with starting, expanding, or promoting their liquid-only roadway treatment program.